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Plan ahead to make the most of your technical marketing software demos

People often have no idea the work involved in preparing for a software sales demo. They spend a great deal of time developing a product, finalizing messaging frameworks, and creating marketing plans, but don’t give the demo the attention it deserves.

If you put in some legwork up front, you can make a great sales demo an intrinsic piece of your technical marketing approach. Investing in demos as a key piece of your sales plan builds a mechanism to not only can influence potential customers, but it can also train your field and support teams in your product and messaging.

Software product demos deserve the same work back schedule and project planning as the rest of your projects .

By approaching software product demos as a project, you ensure you and your team are not caught unaware when presenting to a potential client.

When expanding demos into more widespread use across your team or organization, keep an eye out for unexpected dependencies. Gotchas can range anywhere from differing display resolutions to last-minute graphic design needs. Sometimes you may even find that you need help creating rich, meaningful content to round out your demo.

In any case, planning ahead will help you map all of this out and then some. Give yourself plenty of time to react to all the moving pieces. Build these activities into your product development process. Stay one step ahead, and you’ll find that you can create compelling demos and visuals that inform, excite, and win deals.

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