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Pre-Sales Strategy Tips: Getting to Know Your Customers

Whether you’re delivering an in-person demo, recording a video, writing a blog post, or just having a conversation in the elevator, showing that you understand your customer’s business will get their attention every time. 

You may think your product is flexible enough to function in any business scenario, but your customers only care about how it functions in their business! So how do you deliver an industry-relevant story when you’re not an expert on the industry? Make becoming the subject matter expert part of your pre-sales strategy. 

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Getting to Know Your Customers 

Getting to know your customers and their business is a good practice under any circumstance. When you’re presenting your product to them, it’s essential. For example, a retail bank may call its customers “clients”, but a credit union always calls them “members”. Get that wrong, and you’ll lose your audience. Make getting to know your customer’s business and industry the first step in your pre-sales strategy. 

You’ll be amazed at what you can learn with just a single one-hour interview with an expert. Ask them! Take the time and ask your customer some leading questions, like “what do you do in a typical day?”, “what’s the top worry in your business right now?”, or “what do you wish your current software did for you?” Listen and learn about their business.  Doing so, will allow you to build a demo that shows how your product can improve the life of your customer. 

Sometimes you’ve got experts right under your nose 

Ask around your own organization or check with colleagues who might have done work in that industry for helpful tips. And don’t forget – let them critique your demo script before you present it! 

However you choose to become the subject matter expert on your customer’s industry, never underestimate the importance of learning about your customer’s business as part of your pre-sales strategy.  Showing that you understand their business and concerns will put both you and your customer on the path to success. 


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