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Pre-Sales Strategy Tips: Storyboarding

A crucial step in technical sales demo creation is storyboarding.  It is often thought of as a simple narrative outline, but this just isn’t the case! Storyboarding is a process, and when done properly, it can provide your sales demo and your sales team with numerous benefits. 

What is Storyboarding? 

Storyboarding is a method of high-level organization that initiates a narrative path and can help you identify the best experience to showcase your product. Importantly, storyboarding enables rich narrative content, an essential component in remarkable storytelling!am with numerous benefits. 

Storyboarding and Your Team 

Creating a storyboard will not only enable the success of your sales demo, it will enable the success of your sales team.  Scope creep is an unfortunate occurance on any project, and it is one that every project manager is familiar with.  It often blows budgets and leads to your sales story becoming muddled. A formalized storyboard processs for your team will not only help you solidify your scope early on in your pre-sales strategy, it will establish a space for your creative team to engage in best practices. 

Storyboarding:  Best Practices 

Ask the right questions during the discovery stage. Communicate demo requirements clearly. Feature and story requirements provide the framework for your demo, so establish these early on. To drive storyboard development, ask additional questions to help flesh out the story. What is the tone of the narrative? What “wow moments” are the product owners most excited about? Who is the audience for this demo? Who will be demoing it? 

Don’t get bogged down in details. Treat the storyboard as a narrative mobilizer, not a demo blueprint. Focus on creating a compelling and cohesive story. The details of execution will be generated during scripting. 

Require at least one thorough review cycle. Review cycles are important for both the product owner and the sales team. Walk through the storyboard with stakeholder and get immediate feedback. This is the best opportunity to ensure all parties understand each other and can work as a team to produce the best possible sales demo. 

Increase Messaging Consistency for your Distributed Sales Team  

The size and complexity of your demo will determine what your storyboard will look like. It may contain graphics and images, it may not. Instilling a formalized storyboard process in your pre-sales strategy will allow you to figure out what works best for your sales demo and sales team. This crucial step will strongly influence the impact of the demo and the success of your sales team! 


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