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Creating the Right Product Story for Microsoft’s MyAnalytics

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Building a compelling demo typically includes two key components. First, the product story, which highlights the value of the product or service. We look to explain the reason why someone should be interested – what can that product or service do for you? The second component is the product itself–how can it be used in the demo to reinforce the value of the story?  What interactions can be documented from the product to help reinforce the story?

Creating the right Product Story in Technical Marketing

With most software products, you can tell your demo product story by using the product itself—either right out of the box or with a bit of setup and preparation. But in our work of building demos, we have encountered a few exceptions, such as the case with MyAnalytics.

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics is a service included in Office 365 E5 plan or the Office 365 Enterprise plan SKU that provides information to users tracking how they’re spending their time at work. It can provide insight on how long it takes you to reply to email messages, how much of your day is consumed by meetings or email grazing, and how much (or how little) focus time you have per day.

To show MyAnalytics and how it can truly help users understand how they spend their time at work, it requires MyAnalytics to be turned on and actively monitoring Outlook. This type of service is not one that can be demo ready right out of the box. It needs to see meetings scheduled, the timing of email responses, which collaborators have been added as important contacts, and so forth. All of which are details and intelligence only gained through use and time.

So how can this product support the story?

Enter 3Sharp’s Demo Wizards

To help tell the MyAnalytics story, we worked closely with the MyAnalytics product and marketing teams to understand how a lived-in environment would look and behave. Additionally, we dug into how the resulting graphs and charts would look when MyAnalytics had more than 6 months’ worth of user data to display from Outlook. We even made last minute changes to account for changes to the user experience introduced days before Ignite. After gathering all of the visual assets, the click interactions, and we pieced together what MyAnalytics would look like in a live environment. We packaged all this into an install-able, executable file that provides an interactive experience.

Technical Marketing and Sales Enablement

For the Ignite conference, the MyAnalytics team was able to show off the product and its features in a local, executable demo for both their product booth and breakout sessions. Today, the executable demo is used by the sales field to show the value add of MyAnalytics.

Want to see how you can share metrics with your manager on time spent during the week?  Set reminders to book focus time to free yourself from distractions throughout the day?  Track to-do items and overdue tasks?  The MyAnalytics demo can show you how you can do just that.  It is a spot on re-creation of the real environment.

MyAnalytics data trends
MyAnalytics Dahsboard

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