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Providing Rich Experiences


It’s All in the Details

Following along with our best practice recommendations for planning  and storyboarding we dive into the benefit of creating a rich experienceWhy are we so keen on sales demos?

Because it’s more effective to show software than it is to simply talk about it. We believe putting extra emphasis on creating a solid, direct experience you can showcase to customers during the sales process exponentially increases your likelihood to win the sale.

Once you’ve developed a compelling narrative showcasing your product in a scenario your customers can relate to, it’s time to bring your demo to life with rich experiences. Like when producing a movie, you want to make the environment you’ll be sharing feel as real as possible.

Increasing Demo Effectiveness with Happy Paths and Heroes

Once you’ve storyboarded your narrative flow, you want to make sure the demo presentation script follows a happy path. This includes correct placement of “wow” moments, fluid movement through the environment, and ensuring there are no technical gotchas.

Hero is a term that can be applied to both personas and content, and designates where to find the richest experiences in your demo. Hero personas provide perspectives from which to view your product and the benefits your product provides.

They can be CEO’s, IT specialists, Editors, any role that is relatable and would use, and love, your product. These characters aren’t stand-ins. They should connect your audience to your story. Hero content serves the same purpose. The documents and features encountered along the happy path should contain enough mock data to make them appear real and visually engaging.

As shown in this example, the keys to creating rich content are creativity and attention to detail.

  • Chat includes replies from character with real faces
  • Text is contextual and relatable
  • Charts contain real data
  • Interactions have been deeded to enhance believability (likes, login presence, etc.)

Put in the extra pizzazz when preparing your next great sales demo. Write a great script. Develop compelling characters. Create an immersive environment— Easy!

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