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Sometimes Less is More in Technical Marketing When Time is Short

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It’s natural that an enthusiastic, well-informed person is often better at explaining things than someone who isn’t confident or excited about the subject. But there are times when that enthusiasm works against us.  This doesn’t mean you need to tamp down your excitement about the things you’re passionate about. Let that passion shine! But sometimes it pays to take a “less is more” approach. 


Sometimes Less is More in Technical Marketing


Don’t forget that every person you talk to is as busy as you are, and maybe busier. Sure, you want to share every single piece of information you have at your command, but sometimes you’ve got to pick and choose what you share because time is short. A one-minute demo that solves the customer’s biggest problem might be better than a 30-minute demo that solves them all. An elevator pitch that lasts longer than the elevator trip isn’t going to land.


So, what do you do when time is short?


“Taking a less is more approach and listening to people is the best way to turn a contact into a conversation”


Hit Your Main Points


Make sure you know what your main points are. If you’ve got points one, two, and three lined up, the rest can follow later when you’ve got more of your customer’s time and attention.


Don’t forget to listen


Maybe you already know everything there is to know about your pitch, your product, and even the customer’s requirements. What’s the best way to show your customer you have that knowledge? After you make your main point, pause and see what your audience has to say. Hearing what your counterpart says is the best way to know where to take the conversation next.


In a demo, this might mean taking a pause for questions. In a more informal meeting, it might mean asking them what they think. If your customer has a question, show them you know the answer. If they bring up a concern, show them that you’ve thought about it. And if (heaven forbid) they bring up a topic you’re not prepared for, make a point of getting back to them later. That will impress them more than you filling the air with words that aren’t relevant to them.


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Taking a less is more approach and listening to people is the best way to turn a contact into a conversation!

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