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Showcase Real Business Processes

Offering Solutions For Their Business Problems

Customers want to know how your product is going to solve problems for their business. So when you design a product demonstration, show them how it addresses a real problem in their environment and how it can fix it. 

If you’ve spent some time getting to know your customer, you probably already have some good ideas of where these problems lie. If you haven’t, take some time in learning the areas that make work more complicated than it needs to be.

Once you’ve done this, your client will have a strong visual on all the ways their company can improve with what you have to offer. 

Making an everyday task a little easier can provide a huge value to your customer. Show them how your product can improve their business in a way their current methods don’t and how their working environment will become better through this process.

Sometimes, businesses might not be aware that they’re doing a task in a difficult way and hadn’t even considered it to be an issue. Showcase your technique that either eliminates an unnecessary step or create a new one with much less complexity. 

For example, I remember one demo for a call center where we discovered that service agents had to manually copy and paste information between applications up to 100 times a day! By showing them how to automate this we were able to win a sale with a global company.

As a result, this led to a big sale in the service department and new opportunities in other parts of the company. The solution you’re offering doesn’t always have to be big, sometimes solving the little issues creates the biggest impact– but if you can resolve a big one, that’s good too!

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