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Increase Messaging Consistency for your Distributed Sales Team

When it comes to technology pre-sales, one of the best ways to win the deal is with a live sales demo. 

Potential customers are more likely to purchase when they understand the direct benefits of your solution. The challenge is communicating these benefits clearly while avoiding feature fatigue. Commonly, sales teams skew either too detailed when showing the technology or too vague when speaking to the benefits. Finding the right combination of what to show, what to say, and when to say it could make the difference in your next pitch. 

Solving this problem may not be as challenging as you think. Applying simple standardization practices has a profound impact on your team’s ability to perform more effective live sales demos. 

Increasing your team’s sales demo effectiveness could be as simple as employing a standard format for demo scripts. 

Standardizing the assets you provide to your sales teams will drive consistency in messaging. This consistency will enable your sales people, regardless of technical know-how, can successfully deliver the message you intend. 

When using a well-formatted and clearly outlined demo script, your sales teams will be able to more quickly and easily learn new technologies. Enabling your teams to familiarize themselves with messaging and how that message applies to specific parts of your solutions will increase confidence when giving a sales demo. 

When crafting your sales demo script template, we recommend the following best practices: 

  • Clearly differentiate what should be said from what should be done. 
  • Provide clear direction as to what is required to set-up the demo in real-time vs. what can be done in advance. 
  • Visually indicate where the presenter needs to take action – we like to do this through bold text. Example: On the toolbar, click Insert. 
  • Use consistent terminology – click, point to, scroll, tap – to refer to actions the presenter should take. 
  • When referring to areas of the screen, use a hierarchy reflecting the direct access path to find a click, leading with the directions and ending with the action.
    Do: Under x on the y tab, in the z group, click zz.
    Don’t: Click zz in the y tab under x, in the z 
  • Keep it simple and find the balance. Avoid being too verbose in your talk track while also being conscious of lulls where you have more than a few clicks without narration. 
  • Format your script to align with your click-steps. You can do this with a simple table, inserting line breaks to align what the presenter should say with what they should be clicking. 

In the example below, the script’s talking points are clearly differentiated from the clicks the presenter should be performing. The talking points are also spatially aligned to associate with the clicks that should be occurring during each particular piece of dialog. 


Ready to start applying this practice in your own organization? Here are a couple things to give you a head start. 

Demo Script Template 

Ready to use demo script blank template in .docx format. Just download and start populating with your marketing language!  

Demo Script Sample 

A fully populated sample demo script for you to reference when implementing your own script standardization practice. 


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