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Pre-Sales Strategy Tips: Create A Mockup Environment

Why Mockup Environments Are Beneficial

Setting a scene for your potential customers allows them to imagine all the ways in which your product can be an asset to their business. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this goal is to create a demo mockup environment.

A mockup is like a movie set for the features you want to demonstrate. It creates a picture of the business context where you’re setting your demonstration. It will also show the flexibility and versatility of your product.

Like a movie set, your mockup only needs to show what’s relevant to your demo. The goal of a mockup isn’t to fool your customers into thinking you have a bespoke industry solution, it’s to help them visualize your product in their environment.

“your product can be an asset to their business”

For example, a demo set in a law firm might showcase contracts and legal records, where one set in a medical office might feature X-ray imagery and medical files. For an added touch, use your customers logo and letterhead, or create a mockup to make documents and web sites look “official.”

If you’re struggling to figure out the best methods in creating a mockup, create an outline or storyboard of all the key elements you’re wanting to present. By doing this, you’re ensuring that only the most pertinent information is being presented.

These presentations let them know that you have a product that could change their business for the better, making tasks simpler, safer and or more effective for their team.

When we built a demo for an international media company, we talked to experienced news editors about their work. That conversation enabled us to build a complete digital newsroom demo with all the features that real editors work with every day. The customer felt like the demo reflected their business and made the product shine.

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