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Sharpies Glide into 2018 with Team Building & Curling

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Happy New Year!  Every year we hold our annual kickoff event to ring in the new year with our Sharpie family.  When planning our kickoff event, we look at two things:  we want a fun-filled event that encourages team building, and we want to focus on our goals for 3Sharp in the coming year.  This year we decided to embrace the upcoming winter Olympics and try our hand at curling.

Sharpies Go Curling

If you’re looking for a place in Seattle to try curling, the Granite Curling Club is a great place to start.  For our group of 40, it was a perfect place for us.  We split into groups, each led by a curling expert.  We learned the gist of curling, caught our balance, and glided into games of friendly competition.

Sharpie Curling Tips:

Wear thick socks. It's cold!
Wear stretchy pants. Trust us.
The End does NOT mean the game is over.
Do not try to stand on the sliding won't work.
Strategy is cool...but so is just trying to get it close.
The rink was a cold 40 degrees, and thanks to Duos Catering, we had a warm chili and baked potato bar waiting for us upstairs!  Once we were fed and warm, we were able to have our kickoff meeting.

Annual Kickoff Meeting

We typically hold monthly company meetings just to keep our Sharpies updated and uphold our value of transparency.  Our kickoff meeting typically holds the same agenda as our monthly company meetings with an update on company performance, highlights from teams, and forecasts for the following month.  However, in our annual kickoff meetings, we like to focus on our 3Sharp goals for the year and deep dive into the plan for success of these goals. This meeting is always a great opportunity to reinforce our bond as a team and sets up us for success in the new year as a team.
At the end of the day, we not only had the chance to look back on the success of 2017, but we now have focus and a clear path of success for 3Sharp in 2018.  And we got just a tiny bit better at curling, with minimal injuries:

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