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Sharpie accomplishments

We love what we do, and our team is full of passionate, driven, industry experts. Just like our work experience, our accomplishments are all varied as well. Here are some Sharpies who have some pretty impressive and mention-worthy accomplishments.

Rachel Brown

As our Accounting Manager, Rachel has the fun and not always rewarding job of keeping our budget numbers straight. If you are a Sharpie, you know to avoid Rachel on Monday’s if you haven’t turned in your timesheet on time. But when she’s not keeping us all in line and our books in order, she is in school getting her B.S. in Accounting. (And maybe her Masters!)


After hitting a wall in her Accounting career. In spite of 15 years of experience, learning on the job in real-world situations, she kept getting the almighty “thanks for trying” rejection letters from companies requiring degrees. Feeling like she was never going to advance from her Staff Accountant status, she decided to bite the bullet and go back to school. Almost 4 years later, she’s getting her B.S in Accounting and we couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishment. Or excited to celebrate…

work life balance

Sharpie work/life balance

Fostering and supporting healthy work/life balance is a foundational principle of 3Sharp culture.

Cole Hayes

Cole is one of our newer team members. He first started working with us through contract work, then we needed him to be on full time. When he’s not too busy being a solutions consultant, he’s an accomplished writer. Cole has been writing stories since he was a little kid. He’s always been fascinated with creating worlds, characters and scenes.

In his real life, he spends a lot of hours hunched over his computer, trying desperately to finish a series of books he’s been working on for the last six years. When not writing fiction, he contracts for The Advocate magazine, covering topics relating to the LGBT community. “I enjoy sharing my own story as well because I’ve over come many obstacles to get to where I am today. It means a lot to me that I’m able to share and connect with others from my community.”

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a project manager at 3Sharp. But the amazing thing about Joe, is his side project. Joe produces feature films, which have been distributed worldwide! He leverages the professional development he gains at 3Sharp to become a better producer, and in turn uses his storytelling experience to sharpen and enhance the stories 3Sharp builds for the Azure teams at Microsoft.

The work-life balance he has found at 3Sharp leaves him fresh and creatively invigorated when he leaves the office, so that he can continue penning scripts and planning shoots, and leaves him quite happy to hop out of bed in the morning to resume working on demos. It’s quite an accomplishment, and we are in awe of how he does both so effortlessly.

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