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Site Closure and Deletion

One of the new features of SharePoint 2013 is called Site Closure and Deletion.  Users now have the ability schedule when sites are closed – site is in Read only mode – and when the site is deleted.  This can be extremely useful in situations where ad hoc sites are provisioned and used for just a short span of time and just forgotten over time.  This feature can come in handy when organizations plan for site governance.  It frees SharePoint admins from running reports to find and clean up abandoned sites. 

This feature is also available in SharePoint online. 

The first step is to define the site policy at the site collection.  You may define several different policies for the different type of sites that may be created.  Notice that checkbox that allows you to put the site in Read only upon closure.


If you choose the “Close and delete sites automatically” option, you set parameters of when to close, delete, send notifications…etc…  All of this is reminiscent of a custom site workflows that I’ve done in SharePoint 2010.


Once the policy is created, it is available to all sites within the site collection.   Just go to Site Settings, and under Site Administration, click on Site Closure and Deletion, and select the policy that you would like to apply to your site.


One thing to note, once a policy has been set, you can go back to the Site Closure and Deletion page and override the policy settings and manually close the site.

If you choose to manually close the site, the deletion is set based on the policy.  You still has the option of returning to the page and reopen the site.  From an end user perspective, once the site has been closed, a deletion notice is put at the top of the page.


So there it is!  Hope I’ve been able to show you a new feature that can come in handy as you think about your site governance.  Implementing policies such as these can help automatically clean up sites that might hang around for extended amounts of time.