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Showcase your strengths…and weaknesses?

Using your demo to talk about weaknesses

Why would you ever want to call out your product’s weaknesses? If you’re demoing, it means your competitor is demoing.  You better believe they’re not talking about their weaknesses.  Wouldn’t it be crazy to downplay your own product, especially in a competitive sales environment? Maybe not.

Your audience isn’t dumb. They’ve been through the sales song and dance before. They have delt with the slick sales rep zooming through the beautiful presentation, highlighting all of the killer features in a product demo only to abandon them to the reality of a challenging implementation project, sometimes with an equally bewildered and frustrated implementation team from their own company.

This has happened to them before, guaranteed if they have any time at all in the industry. They will be looking at everything you do and show with a critical and weary eye. Why not win some trust by highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses and sharing relevant solutions/workarounds. It is amazing how much people will let down their guard when you are honest with them and paint the complete picture as well as you can for them.

  • Will this require more time for you to prepare? Yes.
  • Will it win trust? Probably.
  • Will you be closer to being considered a trusted adviser? Hopefully.
  • Will your prospects have a clear vision of what you are selling and how it would work for them? Yes.
  • Will this lead to a higher post-install CSAT and a higher chance of renewals? Yes.
  • Will your audience be more likely to advocate for your product post purchase? Yes.

Does this make it worth it for you?

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