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Stick the landing of your technical demo with customer engagement

When you’re armed with a well-prepped, compelling technical demo of your product, you’re ready to make a huge impact to your customer, to your company, and to your own personal career.

Once you’ve rehearsed your script and tested your environment, you’re ready to rock. It’s time to stick the landing by engaging with your audience.

Be engaged, not perfect

Rather than feeling pressure to stick to every word in your script, becoming preoccupied by the tricky step that’s on your next slide, or getting distracted by the small bug that appeared in the left navigation, focus your attention first and foremost on how in-tune your audience is. Additionally, it imbues incredible confidence when you’re unperturbed by an issue in your demo and rolling right past it. 

Remember: your presentation isn’t about getting every word or detail right, it’s about connecting with your audience.

Engage your audience

An effective demo script poses questions or raises discussion points. It promotes interaction with your audience with consistent and frequent contact that keeps them at the heart of the story (your story). They should feel they are part of the discussion and aren’t being “talked at.” The key is to show that you are responsive, present, knowledgeable, and approachable.

But how? How can someone be mesmerizing while demoing technical content?

Start with the basics

Be sincere.
Remember that you are there to genuinely help your customer.

Show you’re enjoying yourself (and hopefully you are).

Be conversational.
Remain professional, but speak to those in the room as though you’re already friends.

Make eye contact.
Your audience’s response will make you feel all the more comfortable with your material.

"Your technical demo presentation is all about the dynamic you achieve within the room."

Develop your stage presence

Once you’ve locked in the basics, it’s time to develop your stage presence.

Take your audience on an enjoyable emotional ride using your facial expressions; voice, tone, and inflection; and gestures to evoke genuine emotions. For example, show the severity of a customer problem in your facial expressions, and then light up when you demonstrate how your technology is the solution to their problem. 

Pause and ask a question, and don’t be afraid to let the room fill with silence for a few seconds. A brief silence is not a bad thing.

Most of all, remember that your technical demo presentation is all about the dynamic you achieve within the room, not just what’s on the screen.

Because in the end, your customers buy from you

Clients want to feel confident in their decisions—they want to feel like they understand what you’re sharing and  that you mean what you say. By being engaged during your presentations, you can stick the landing and be the catalyst that sparks their next big move.

Tell your best product story

Tech storytelling is what we do.

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