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Technical marketing and building long-term relationships

Building long-term relationships


What we do at 3Sharp requires more than just being handed a product and a marketing objective and creating a technical marketing demo. We’re in the business of creating and building long-term relationships. A notable example of how we value and build these relationships is reflected in our long-standing affiliation with the Microsoft SharePoint engineering and marketing teams. We’ve been partners with Microsoft since our founding in 2002, and this partnership started with SharePoint. Long-term relationships is a win for everyone: it gives us the technical expertise to make the product shine and it allows our creative team to develop narratives that align target audiences with the overall value proposition of the product.


Technical marketing expertise

As part of this relationship, it’s standard for 3Sharp to work with the SharePoint team to create demos for Microsoft Ignite. From a technical marketing perspective, Ignite is a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft marketing teams to introduce exciting innovations and their products. This year’s Ignite was no exception. 3Sharp took on creating 11 demo environments for a wide range of use, from the expo floor to the keynote.

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A good portion of what we were working with was still in production, which meant that we needed work closely with the Microsoft product engineers. This experience was a bit like building an airplane in the sky. Knowing it was going to be an intense process, we created a “war room” in one of our office conference spaces. We were able to pull the MS engineering team into the room via conference call every day. Team members were prepared to hunker down for some long days and weekends.


Team collaboration

Every department in our office had a hand in making this project happen. Our creative team made the tenants live and breathe with rich content. Our technical team packaged the content, ensuring everything was placed and worked properly. The account and project managers worked closely together to ensure communication with Microsoft was expedient.  Managers were also tasked with ensuring that our team had everything they needed to be productive. Our long-term relationship with the SharePoint team helped us move quickly and nimbly on their directives.

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Our goal at 3Sharp isn’t just to help people sell software. In order to create effective sales demos, we not only need to understand the product, we need to be in a strong partnership with the team bringing that product to market.