Find the Middle Ground with a Technical Product Demo

The Middle-Ground of Technical Marketing


Finding the middle ground between the technical world and the marketing world can be tough.  Getting the technical people to turn their code into “English” and teaching code to sales and marketing teams don’t exactly transfer over well.

So where do we find that neutral territory?

Breaking down features and platforms CAN work, but this isn’t always successful.  It’s hard to break down a technical concept without over-simplifying and losing the intention of your concept.


The Art of the Technical Product Demo


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Technical Product demos are an excellent way to give a technical view of a concept while also giving non-technical people a visual aid to grasp the content. By running a demo, you can dive all the way from a top-level discussion to a deep dive into a technical walkthrough.  Showing a demo can help consumers grasp the entire concept by watching it in action.  Associating an image with a technique takes the guesswork out of conceptualizing your content, and you can then focus more on the core concepts of your product demo without having to overly simplify.


Know the Range of your Audience

The concept of a technical product demo isn’t anything new, but presenting the information in a way that is easily digestible for your audience is.  Knowing your audience range is key.  If you’re giving floor product demos in an expo hall at a conference, you can expect a wide range of technical knowledge, and you should have a few different talking points for your demos to fit accordingly.  Utilizing your team to help build those talks is a key aspect in successful demos.  Gaining knowledge from multiple sources is going to give you multiple insights into what different people find value in your product.


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By giving multi-level talks in your demos with visual aids, you can ensure that your audience is going to grasp the information that you are trying to convey.  Also having the material available for review after your technical product demo will help solidify the concepts you are trying to get across.

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