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The essential “Go Bag” packing list (when demoing at a conference)

Essential Go Bag Packing List

It happens to the best of us: You open up your laptop bag and there is no charger to be found. Not that big of a deal when you are at home, but when traveling to a conference – the last thing you want to do is forget an important piece of equipment! The stakes are raised further when you are presenting a demo or supporting a demo presentation. 

If our client’s know one thing, it is that we are going to have the support equipment they need when they need it – no matter the circumstance. Whether you are attending Microsoft Ignite 2018 or another conference, take the stress out of packing and ensure you are prepared for any contingency by referencing our Essential Go Bag Packing List. 

What should be in your Go Bag? 

Domestic travel 

  • Device power supplies 
  • HDMI adapters 
  • Wireless mouse 
  • Ethernet adapters 
  • Flash drives 
  • USB hub 
  • Network cables 

International travel 

  • Battery back-up 
  • Power strip 
  • Power adapters 
“While traveling in Europe in support of a customer story for Microsoft, we had an incident in which the production crew was running low on battery life for several pieces of equipment. With only one outlet available in the room, people were getting stressed. Luckily, my coworker Narins had packed my Go Bag complete with a power strip and battery adapters. I pulled those bad boys out and was the hero of the day! Our client and partners were so appreciative that we were constantly ‘Johnny (and Jane) on the spot’.”
Richard Thomson
Richard Thomson
Manager, 3Sharp

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