Top 3 Ways to Win the Deal with A Live Sales Demo

In continuation of our Demo Wizards series, one of our very own Demo Wizards, Martin Booth, is giving us a peek into common ways a demo can fail and what you can do to avoid these mistakes during your next demo.  Join us for this blog triology to learn the Top 3 Ways to Win the Deal with a Live Sales Demo!

There are 3 main goals for a technical demo, although not all apply to every demo.  Before we delve in to the nuts and bolts of the potential failures and what you can do to avoid them, let’s first define the top 3 ways to successfully win the deal during your next live demo:

  1. Winning an opportunity – persuade a potential customer that your solution is the right answer to a business challenge they face
  2. Education – communicating an understanding of a technical concept to increase the knowledge of your audience
  3. Proving a concept – showing your audience that an idea can be a practical reality

Your demo will fail if it does not meet the above goal (or goals).  Let’s explore #1.

Winning an opportunity – “What’s in it for me?”

When you’re meeting with a customer to show off your product or to move a sales opportunity along the pipeline, the biggest failure can be a disconnect between what you are showing and the business reality your customer is facing.

I’ve seen technical demos where the presenter is really excited about their product (and it is a cool piece of technology), but the eyes of the customer just glaze over during the demo.  This is often because the demo-er has failed to set the stage for how their solution can help the customer with their problems.


Make sure you know your audience when preparing your demo.


  • What problem do they need to solve?  What challenges do they face?
  • Can you weave a customer example into the demo to tell a better product story?

Success comes when the customer has that “Ah-ha!” moment and realizes “I really need this to help me be successful”.  Without the “Ah-ha!” moment, there is no relevance, and your demo will miss the mark with your customer.

Stay tuned as we explore #2 and #3 in the upcoming blogs of this trilogy, Top 3 Ways to Win the Deal with a Live Sales Demo.  We will learn Martin’s take on educating your audience and proving a concept for your audience with your live demo.

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