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Visualize Geo Related Data with Power Map Preview for Excel 2013

Power Map Preview for Excel 2013 is an exciting and powerful new data visualization tool for geographical related data.

Currently in preview, you can download Power Map here.

To follow along with this brief tour, download the NOAA Natural Disasters sample dataset.

  1. Open the NOAA Hazards.xlsx workbook with Excel 2013 client. Note the rich sample dataset.1 - NOAA Hazards Data Set
  2. Select the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Click the Map dropdown button in the GeoFlow section in the Ribbon and select Launch GeoFlow.2 - Insert Tab Map button
  4. Select the Disasters 1973-2013 Tour.3 - Disasters Tour
  5. Note the single scene in the Tour Editor pane on the left hand side.5 - List of Scenes
  6. The main visualization surface in the center has many overlays including Time Line, Time Decorator, and Layer information. These can be added or removed as desired.6 - Main Surface
  7. The Task Panel on the right hand side has several sections to configure the selected scene:
    1. List of Layers7 - Layers
    2. Layer Configuration8 - Layer Configuration
    3. Layer Properties9 - Layer Properties
  8. Click the Play Tour button in the Ribbon to view the Tour.10 - Play Tour
  9. You will see the globe slowly turn while time and geo related data is displayed.11 - Tour Snapshot
  10. Let’s make a few quick modifications. We’ll start by changing the Chart Type for Tornados from Bubble to HeatMap, in the Layer Configuration section of the Task Panel.12 - Chart Type
  11. Next, we’ll change the theme. Click the Themes drop down and select a theme from the thumbnail gallery.13 - Theme Thumbnails
  12. Play the tour again to see the changes.14 - Re-themed Tour Snapshot

This is just a brief tour of Power Map Preview for Excel 2013.

Next post I’ll show you how to create a Tour with mulitple scences from scratch.

Have fun with Power Map for Excel 2013!

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