Live-Code Demos are Dead

Well, maybe just mostly dead. But the fact is you might be overly reliant on live-code product demos through every stage of your buyer’s journey. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Invest in experiences! Stop being Overly dependent on live code.

As vital as live-code in-product experiences are to certain phases of the customer journey, they are fraught with risk.

Why? Live-code product demos are super brittle without constraints and costly to scale.

So, when it comes to arming your field and partners with impactful live demos, it tends to be less about powerful storytelling and more about reliable infrastructure.

Through 20 years of working across Microsoft to massively scale great in-product experiences, we are confident that most of the critical moments in the customer's journey can be supported better, faster, and cheaper by high-quality, high-interactivity simulations.

3Sharp has built over 1000 experiences for your colleages in Cloud Marketing, M365, EDU, Mixed Reality and more.

Eliminate the complexity of live demos with Guided Simulations

Unlike a live-code demo, Guided Simulations enable anyone to tell powerful stories without complexity or constraints, but still FEEL live!

• Interactive, dyanamic, multi-path simulations focus on the story, not just features

• Always ready - No setup, resets, or internet access required

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• Know your impact and engagement with granular consumption analytics

Let 3Sharp Help you with your Commitments this year

Support Sales Plays

Get your sales demo into more hands at any stage of the buyer's journey

Drive Usage

Transform your most complex features into highly relevant showcases of value

Enable the Field

Arm your sellers and partners with stress-free and reliable demo experiences

"This really shows off the experiences and is turnkey across field roles and sales plays." - Microsoft Power Platform team

"These interactive guides help our customers globally to understand our products." - Microsoft Education team

"It’s been a while since I worked with 3Sharp, and Aleksey 110% lived up to the brand and quality I had been used to from working with you all over the years." - Microsoft Surface Marketing