Technical Marketing

Technical marketing experts

The end-to-end technical demo assistance
you wish you had

This is how we do it

Content-rich environments

  • Authentic demo scenario content 
  • Immersive demo experience 
  • Rich demo personas 
  • Customized scenarios 
Technical expertise required
Ease of use 90%
Portability 75%

Demo guides

  • Comprehensive speaker scripts and talk tracks 
  • In-depth technical walkthroughs 
  • Consistent messaging 
  • Easy to follow 
Technical expertise required
Ease of use 85%
Portability 70%


  • Video production with voice over 
  • Demo environment capture 
  • Desktop and mobile support 
  • Closed Captioning included
Technical expertise required
Ease of use 100%
Portability 100%

Empower your sales team with access to
powerful demo materials and environments



Demo content prepared the way you need it

Clean, optimized demo assets 

Content featured in Corenotes and breakout sessions



Live environments

Cloud deployment 

Custom delivery channel 

Scalable demo platform 


Offline options

Demo environment simulation 

Portable demo solutions 

Local content 


Our process


We immerse ourselves in your product, becoming an extension of your team to help you identify the strongest flow of field content. 

During the DISCOVER portion of our engagement we:  
  • Assess your business needs 
  • Define your audiences 
  • Establish your preferred tools 
  • Evaluate your distribution method 

We plan how we’ll help you showcase your product and brand, kicking off the creative design for your messaging and assets. 

During the DESIGN portion of our engagement we:  
  • Present storyboard 
  • Create a messaging/script outline 
  • Facilitate customer review and feedback cycles 
  • Begin project management activities 

We create the demos, rich content environments, and scenarios that demonstrate the full technical capabilities of your product. 

During the BUILD portion of our engagement we:  
  • Write the demo guide script 
  • Perform copy edit and QA passes 
  • Configure your product 
  • Populate product environments 

We ensure your content deploys seamlessly, then educate and train with a team of industry experts. 

During the DEPLOY portion of our engagement we:  
  • Ensure assets are clean and optimized 
  • Package demo content 
  • Finalize delivery methods 

After your content-rich environments and demos are in the hands of your team, we can provide live event support as you engage with your customers. 

During the SUPPORT portion of our engagement we:  
  • Are available as an extension of your team 
  • Ensure your environment is stable 
  • Provide live demo support at events 
  • Remain ready to engage as you update your product 

When the 3Sharp folks enter the room, my blood pressure goes down. I know I am in good hands with them!” 

Live Demo Support

Global expo support

  • Demo support for all devices in your floor-space/booth
  • Content and device configuration for demos 
  • Expert planning and support for attendee device bars, from configuration to storyline 
  • We come to you, anywhere on the globe! 

Hands-on labs

  • Environment and content build out 
  • On-site supervision 
  • Integration with infrastructure team and devices 
  • Environment reset support

Keynote demo creation and on-site production support

  • From 50,000-seat arenas to 50-person breakouts
  • Pre-configuration of devices and demo rehearsals 
  • Tight partnership with production crew 
  • Highly flexible, interactive, iterative project management  

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