Technical Sales Enablement

Technical Sales Enablement

Our 50 person company is solely dedicated to enabling the sales forces of some of the largest software companies in the world.

We use amazing content to tell their story to their customers. This can range from an oil company in Abu Dhabi to a healthcare provider in Austin, Texas, or even a small technical marketing firm here in Redmond.

We get our kicks thinking about software products and features. Stories can be woven in ways that drive value for our clients. Frequently, this involves: 

Shortening sales cycles

Broadening market awareness

Increasing end-user adoption after the sale

Leveraging Microsoft 365's marketing efforts into an expanded marketplace

This is what we’ve taken to calling Technical Sales Enablement.

It’s technical because we’re still configuring the product and thinking about product features.

But, we’re doing this in ways where the technical components disappear from the hands of the salespeople. Instead, they use pre-configured demo environments to show compelling customer experiences.

It’s more than just the demo. It’s the Customer Experience.

Great demos empower sales and partner sales to show impactful customer experiences. However, great demos are hard to put together. They can be complex, unstable, and they usually require your best sales engineer working in concert with a sales team to envision and then build out the demo. Delivering these prepackaged demos to the entire sales and partner field with scripts, explainer videos, and individual environments is a game changer. We empower our clients to easily show rich customer experiences without needing the expertise or time to configure a complex suite of products.

@3Sharp Thank you for the always impeccable keynote support. I'd never do a demo without you guys working your magic behind the scenes.
Julia White
Julia White
Corporate Vice Persident, Microsoft

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