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3Sharp Anytime demos: Demos that never fail

With 3Sharp Anytime demos, the answer to "Can I see a demo?" is always
"Yes! How about right now?"

Demos take time to create and opportunities don’t wait

While your salespeople are busy with building demos, deals can slip through the cracks. With more than half of prospects wanting to see how your product works on the first call, will your team be ready?

3Sharp Anytime demos empower everyone to deliver a polished demo—anywhere, anytime.

One-off demos don’t scale.

When your team members make demos, you lose control of messaging and sacrifice repeatablility across technical sales, alliances, and partner organizations.


Get your Anytime demo now!

3Sharp Anytime demos give your team what they need to make the sale:

  • Offline availability means that presentations don’t rely on internet connections or Wi-Fi access.
  • PowerPoint format ensures everyone can navigate and deliver.
  • Easy to send and distribute to anyone to view anywhere.
  • Looks like a live environment. Text-typing animations, screen scrolling, and smooth transitions give a polished and realistic feel. 
  • Completely scripted so anyone can deliver a consistent and powerful message.
  • No configuration or multi-stage setup process means a stress-free demo where presenters are engaged.

Tap into the power of repeatable, foolproof demos and meet the demands of your growing business.

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