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Better Together: Tell your Microsoft story

Today's customers expect technology services to work together seamlessly

Enterprises use an average of eight different cloud providers for their applications and services.

This means that to thrive in today’s multi-service market, savvy business leaders must invest in Better Together demos that clearly demonstrate how their product plays well with others.

These stories, however, are too often buried deep in marketing content—or worse, non-existent. 

Investing in demos that address Better Together stories allows your company to:

  • Rise above the competition by showing how you integrate with other services 
  • Prove you understand your customers‘ real-world needs and have aligned your products accordingly
  • Stay current on key applications and services, including road maps for the future

Demonstrating your value in the Microsoft ecosystem is crucial to your Better Together story

Microsoft is the de facto leader in the enterprise space with over 200 million enterprise workers using Windows 10 and 75% of Fortune 500 companies using at least three Microsoft cloud enterprise services.

With Microsoft as the dominant player and industry leader in this space, it’s imperative that companies feature Microsoft capabilities in their Better Together demos. 

The most successful companies stand out by showing how their offerings seamlessly integrate with other services through great Better Together storytelling value propositions.

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Crafting your Better Together story in a Microsoft environment requires specialized expertise

Deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft’s ecosystem is rich and complex, boasting hundreds of products and services that interact and interconnect. This constantly changing web of services is challenging to know well, making a strategic partnership with Microsoft specialists a worthy investment.

Strong working relationships with Microsoft

There is simply no substitute for knowing the right people at Microsoft.

These kinds of connections are vital to businesses that want to be evangelized and supported by Microsoft leaders, advocates, and teams.

Knowing how to frame your Better Together story

Successful Better Together demos illustrate the clear value for your customer and align with Microsoft marketing initiatives.

Your Better Together stories directly help Microsoft partners and representatives better understand how your products and services help Microsoft present more value to their customers.

This creates natural partnerships which can bolster your own marketing efforts with “updrafts” from a huge player like Microsoft. 

Where we come in...

  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft integrations, road maps, architecture, terminology, and deployment and style guides. 
  • Experts with nearly two decades of experience delivering demos and other storytelling tools on, where we deploy thousands of cloud-based demo environments and demo assets on a monthly basis. 
  • Trusted by Satya Nadella, Julia White, and other technology titans to help create and deliver live demos during crucial keynote presentations.
  • Strong relationships with key Microsoft stakeholders, engineers, and executives.

Your Better Together stories matter.
Make them stand out.

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