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Who is 3Sharp?

We believe in the power of great technical demos

As the industry’s leading demo content creators, 
3Sharp exists to transform your technology products into your customers’ most valuable assets.

Our mission is to empower individuals, teams, and companies through technology, education, and engaging content.

“@3Sharp Thank you for the always impeccable keynote support...

...I'd never do a demo without you guys
working your magic behind the scenes."
Julia White
Julia White
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Sharpie beginnings

Since our founding in 2002, 3Sharp has built a solid reputation as an innovative and agile team of technology specialists and creative thinkers.

Empowering the pros

We’re a proud Microsoft partner who has become the go-to demo experts for top tech leaders including Bill Gates, Julia White, and Satya Nadella.

We're demo experts

With nearly two decades dedicated to technology and product demos, we are experts in designing and deploying powerful demo content for the industry’s most influential products.

We’re a 50-person team who prides ourselves on our specialized and collaborative approach to tech storytelling. With our fingers on the pulse of emerging technology for nearly two decades, we understand that innovation is boundless. We place you at the intersection of imagination, information, and initiative to increase sales, boost brand awareness, and inspire customer loyalty.

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