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Tell your best product story

Inspire your customers and empower your sales force
with technical demos that inform, excite, and deliver.

Bring your product to life

Showcase your strongest features
and demonstrate how your technology
solves your customer’s biggest struggles.

Make your demo the hero

Leverage powerful customer scenarios
to tell meaningful and relevant product stories.

Drive success

Turn your technology into
your customer’s most valuable assets

Quality and Consistency

“Our demos don’t reflect our brand
or tell our product story.”

Your demo materials speak to your brand as much as they demonstrate your product. 

With over 15 years of demo experience, we know the questions to ask, elements to include, and structure to follow to create a compelling product story that’s on-brand and influences your audience.

Activate your
sales team

“Our product is technical,
but our sales team is not.”

We are technical marketing experts so your team doesn’t have to be.

Enable your sales force to become a team of top sellers who can show rich customer experiences without needing technical expertise or time to configure a complex suite of products and scenarios.

Invest in comprehensive yet easy-to-lead materials that can support hundreds or thousands of demonstrations.

Increase user adoption

“Our demos aren’t motivating
people to purchase.”

Inspire prospective customers to buy by showing how your technology directly addresses their biggest struggles in ways no other product can.

Unlike the “feature-first” approach of other demos, our materials provide your audience with relevant context that illustrates how you understand their problems and how your solutions improve their lives.


“We don’t know how our demos perform or if they need updates.”

Track the performance of your demo library against your sales and marketing goals. 

Regular check-ins with our team keep your assets fresh and up-to-date, and ensure your sales team is presenting your latest and greatest features.

Winning demo content is just the beginning

At 3Sharp, we blend marketing and engineering mindsets
to support the full lifecycle of your product demo.

From story ideation and demo release to on-site event support and quarterly updates,
we can advance your business initiatives and tackle your company’s toughest sales hurdles.​

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