Demonstrate your value in the Microsoft ecosystem

Better Together demos illustrate how your product plays well with others in today’s multi-service market

Show Clients

how you integrate with other services

Align your products

with your customer's needs

Tell your product story

like skilled industry experts

Know how to frame your Better Together story

Successful Better Together demos communicate your value and align your goals with Microsoft marketing initiatives

Better Together stories directly help Microsoft partners and representatives better understand how your products and services help Microsoft present more value to their customers

Create natural partnerships to bolster your own marketing efforts with “updrafts” from a huge player like Microsoft

To craft your Better Together story requires specialized expertise

Properly frame your Better Together Stories:

Create your demo with experts in integrations, road maps, architecture, terminology, and environments

Deploy your assets to thousands of cloud-based demo environments consistently

Develop and deliver live demos during your crucial events, conferences, and sales calls

Since our partnership with Microsoft from 2002, we have:

A deep understanding of Microsoft technology

Strong working relationships with Microsoft and creating their product demos

Experience implementing Microsoft-specific guidelines

An extensive history of collaborating with Microsoft partners and communicating their better together visions

Make them stand out.

Your Better Together stories matter

Better Together: Tell your Microsoft story

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